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Version and history

The following table shows the changes in this user's guide. For changes in abctab2ps itself, see the file CHANGES.
Version Date Author Changes
0.1 1999.08.20 CD first creation
0.2 1999.09.05 CD fermata in music added
0.3 1999.10.22 CD tablature format parameters, tablature decorations, new meters M:none and M:3
0.4 1999.12.01 CD slurs in tablature
0.5 2000.03.10 CD new font loading scheme, encoding for italian fonts
0.7 2000.04.28 CD new format parameter "tabledgeabove", new decorations in tablature
0.8 2000.06.12 CD tab decorations can apply to individual notes of a chord; new decorations; command line options in input file
0.9 2000.07.29 CD new format parameter "tabflagspace", new clef "banjo5tab", new tabrhstyle "none", new tabdeco "L", "guitar chords" in tablature added
0.9.5 2000.09.13 CD new format parameter "tabfontscale"
1.0.0 2000.10.17 CD first and second repeat in tab supported, new decoration "segno", new clef "banjo4tab" or "ukuleletab"
1.0.5 2000.11.17 CD new clefs "french4tab", "french5tab", "italian4tab", "italian5tab", "spanish4tab", "spanish5tab"
1.1.0 2001.01.06 CD new tabdeco "V"; right aligned text with %%right; new page layout parameters "barnumbers" and "barnumberfirst"; scope of layout parameters documented
1.2.0 2001.06.30 CD guitar chords: up to eight line breaks and accidental signs supported; new tabrhstyle "grid"
1.3.0 2002.01.01 CD more clefs supported; better documentation of clef specification; more meter specifications supported
1.3.1 2002.03.19 CD standard Postscript fonts documented
1.4.0 2002.05.30 CD multi bar rests; coda sign; empty tab chords
1.4.2 2002.08.15 CD invisible bars documented
1.5.0 2003.02.20 CD ASCII codes greater 'o' allowed in tabfonts; 'y' as anchor for unplucked courses; !...! decorations; new clef "italian8tab"
1.5.3 2003.07.20 CD header field F: added; new format parameter "squarebrevis"
1.6.0 2003.12.28 CD more than one gchord per note possible; more decorations; decorations on barlines
1.6.2 2004.03.20 CD new music deco !breath!, new format parameter "endingdots"
1.6.3 2004.08.20 CD new tab decos !strumup!, !strumdown!; new keyword 'display' in M: filed; new format parameter meterdisplay
1.6.4 2005.01.02 CD new rhythmstyle "modernbeams", format parameter "taballflags"
1.6.5 2005.02.16 CD ligatura support
1.6.7 2005.11.18 CD new format parameters "gchordspace", "historicstyle" and "nobeams"
1.6.8 2006.04.18 CD voice parameter "octave" ignored
1.7.0 2006.07.31 CD tenuto signs in tablature
1.7.1 2007.04.07 CD new format parameter "nogracestroke"
1.8.0 2007.04.21 CD new format parameter "printmetronome"; support for german lute tablature
1.8.1 2007.05.11 CD explained print position when label on last bar in line
1.8.3 2007.11.17 CD new music deco !wedge!
1.8.4 2008.02.21 CD grace notes can have length (long appogiaturas)
1.8.5 2008.08.15 CD new format parameters "nostems" for stemless notes (e.g. for chant notation) and "tabgermansepline" for suppressing separator line between German tablature systems; new dynamic marks !sf! and !sfz!
1.8.7 2009.03.10 CD new format parameter "tabgchordspace"
1.8.9 2009.12.27 CD new clef "treble8up"
1.8.10 2011.03.08 CD grace notes (appogiaturas) tied to first chord note; new format parameter "stafflinethickness"
1.8.11 2011.26.04 CD new format parameter "tabfirstflag"

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Christoph Dalitz 2011-04-26