Kurse, Workshops

BENSLOWMUSIC in association with the Lute Society
LUTEFEST with Hopkinson Smith
17. - 20. März 2016
LUTESong with Jacob Heringman
19. - 22. September 2016

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Einladung zum Lautenkurs mit
Stewart McCoy und Miguel Yisrael
vom 30.10.-2.11.2014 in Augsburg/Stadtbergen

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Meisterkurse für Historische ­Aufführungspraxis
Lautenmeisterkurs mit Lee Santana
31.07. – 10.08.2014 in Tübingen

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per suonatori di liuto, tiorba, chitarra barocca e vihuela
interessati al repertorio solistico e al basso continuo
Orte (Vt), 25 - 31 Agosto 2014

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3rd International Course and Festival on Medieval and Renaissance Music - Morella 2014

Dear Friends,

We present the 3rd International Course and Festival on Medieval and Renaissance Music - Morella 2014, taking place on July 19-24, 2014 organized by Capella Ministrers (www.capelladeministrers.com) and UNESCO Valencia.

This year's edition has a special international faculty, 8 concerts, lectures, activities such as guided evening tour of the medieval castle of Morella, JamSessions, a Musical Chapel_LAB for those who want to taste the recreation of the Medieval and Renaissance working methods; among other activities.

It may be of special interest the choral ensemble subject, by Professor Alfred Fernández - specialized in early plucked string instruments, largely self-taught, he has received guidance from prestigious masters such as William Waters, Rolf Lislevand, Paul O’Dette or John Griffiths; he has published three CDs as soloist -. His course on vihuela and renaissance lute will be centered on the European repertory, instrumental as well as vocal, written for both instruments during the 16th century. A special emphasis will be placed on the Italian and Spanish vihuela repertory.

It would be a pleasure to find one of your members among us!

For further information see: www.culturalcomes.net

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question!
Thank you.

Comunicación y Prensa

Kurs für Laute und historische Zupfinstrumente
(Solospiel und Kammermusik)
unter der Leitung von Christian Zimmermann

Freiburg im Breisgau
Freitag 27. Juni, 16 Uhr bis Sonntag 29. Juni 2014

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Kurs für Traversflöte, Viola da Gamba, Violone und Lauteninstrumente
mit Marion Treupel-Franck, Jörg Meder und Axel Wolf

St. Wolfgang bei Dorfen
18. - 22. Juni 2014

Information und Anmeldung unter: www.flautotraverso.de