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Membership is open to anyone, anywhere. Dues for one year are 50 Euro per person, a family or an institution. Pupils, students, unemloyed persons and other entitled can apply for a 50% reduction of the ship due. Children and young people under age as well as persons enrolled in studies of the lute and guitar are free of charge.

Membership benefits include:

  • usually four issues of the DLG e.V.´s "Lauten-Info" per year (each including a separate collection of tablatures usually for various types of lute/different periods)
  • one issue of the annual publication "Die Laute" (including all the papers read at the International Festival of the Lute)
  • a directory of your fellow members in the DLG e.V.
  • free access to all meetings, assemblies and concerts in case, the DLG e.V. is the only responsible organizer
  • reduced prices for the publications of the DLG e.V
  • assistance to organize smaller regional meetings of lute players.

Applications for membership must include a full mailing address, plus any additional contact information (such as a telephone number or e-mail address) that you wish to list in the directory. It is recommended, but not required, that you use our membership application form. Please download the
"Application for Membership".

Please send your application to:
Dirk Hippen
Oberstr. 12B
D-30167 Hannover

In case you live in the Federal Republic of Germany, we kindly ask for a direct Debit Mandate.

Payment to the German Lute Society:

  • Deutsche Lautengesellschaft e.V., Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
    IBAN: DE22 6835 1865 0007 1311 39
  • or by Paypal: please send to
  • or send a bank check to the cashier (In addition to the amount you want to pay you have to send us 10,-€ for bank fees.):
    DLG e.V.
    c/o Dirk Hippen
    Oberstr. 12B
    D-30167 Hannover