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About the German Lute Society

The German Lute Society (DLG) was founded 1996 in Stuttgart and has officially been registered as non-profit association. The DLG concentrates on the cultivation and exploration of music for the lute, its repertoire, its several types of instruments and its contemporary environment, first of all in German speaking areas but also regarding international relations. Inferentially, the DLG cultivates its international relations with other European lute societies and the Lute Society of America.

Some of the main activities:

  • research as well as performance of music for the lute in order to make the lute more widely known. Some members have already formed networks focussing their attention on various artistic activities as well as on research. The meetings of these activity groups take place regularly at varying locations.
  • Once a year, the DLG organizes the Festival of the Lute, at which occasion the main members' assembly is held. The program usually includes concerts and talks concerning the most different aspects of the lute and playing the lute. Exhibitions by luthiers and publishers or providers of literature and sound storage media have by now become an integral part of the festival. Festival venues have so far been Stuttgart (1996), Leipzig (1997), Nuremberg (1998), Basel (1999), Dresden (2000 and 2001), Salzburg (2002), Cologne (2003), Rostock (2004), Füssen (2005, 2006, 2010 and 2017), Kassel (2007), Regensburg (2008), Burg Sternberg(Westfalen-Lippe)(2009, 2012 and 2015), Füssen (2010), Bremen (2011 and 2013), Augsburg (2014), Frankfurt am Main (2016).
  • "Lauten-Info": four times a year, members will be informed about current affairs by tour newsletter. Short reports and studies as well as tablature supplements, containing formerly unknown or hardly accessible material, are periodically presented in the Lauten-Info.
  • "Die Laute": The DLG edits and publishes a yearbook "Die Laute" containing scientific contributions by authors at home and abroad, as well as theoretical and practical works of several eras of the lute.

In case you wish to ask further questions about the DLG and its affairs, please contact any member of the leading committee (see below) or send us an e-mail:

Der Vorstand der DLG e.V.

Matthias Schneider
Sandplackenstraße 13
D - 60488 Frankfurt/M.
+49 69 769244

Stellvertretender Vorsitzender
Dr. Peter Király
Am Gottesacker 15
D - 67655 Kaiserslautern
+49 631 69866

Kassierer & Intendant Lautenfestival
Oliver Holzenburg
Mittlere Strasse 112
CH - 4056 Basel
+41 79 313 56 00

Kassierer Beiträge
Dirk Hippen
Oberstraße 12b
D - 30167 Hannover
+49 511 27 00 529

Schriftführerin & Adressverwaltung
Christine Schneider
Sandplackenstraße 13
D - 60488 Frankfurt/M.
+49 69 769244

Festival Wolfenbüttel 2018
Dr. Sigrid Wirth
Klaus-Groth-Weg 11
D - 38304 Wolfenbüttel
+49 5331 71145

Vinzenz Bachmeier
Unterer Anger 16
D - 80331 München

Peter Croton
Mittlere Straße 140
CH - 4056 Basel
+41 61 321 2374

Neue Medien und Studierende
Vasiliy Antipov
Holzhausenweg 8
D - 61118 Bad Vilbel
+49 151 71533623

Kommunikation und Organisation
Roland Kauke
Destouchesstraße 55
D - 80803 München
+49 89 21086535