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Year of publication
Order no.
Authors Contents
Nr. 1
DLG 1120
Matthias SCHNEIDER Experiences and ideas of a collector of lute music
Armin BRINZING Forms and traditions in the German lute dances of the 16th century.
Endre DEÁK “Albo Juss Dalej”, a chanson by Sandrin in Bakfark’s transcription.
Peter KIRÁLY Some observations and comments on sources of lute music, lutenists and amateurs in the 16th and early 17th centuries.
Andreas SCHLEGEL What I have so far been able to learn from the ‘Rhétorique des Dieux‘.
Nr. 2
DLG 1130
Wolf DIETRICH On the early history and distribution of lutes
Andrea Cordula BAUR The handwritten records in the anthology of Adrian Denss (Munich State Library, 2o Mus pr. 93)
Ilona FERENCZI Geneva psalm settings for lute from the 18th century – a newly discovered source in Budapest.
Peter KIRÁLY A Falkenhagen concerto and other monuments of lute and mandora music of the 18th century in Hungary.
Per Kjetil FARSTAD Ornaments in 18th Century German Lute Music
Nr. 3 - 1999
DLG 1140
Franco PIPERNO The Lute at the Court of Guidubaldo II. Della Rovere Duke of Urbino
Joachim LÜDTKE Short pieces about Adrian Denss
Kenneth SPARR Charles de Lespine - Lutenist and Composer

      On the facsimile edition of the folder Mus. Saec. XVIII 65.6a-z:
1. Ortrun LANDMANN Hand-written music of the 18th century from Stuttgart in the University library of Rostock.
2. Joachim DOMNING The Rostock lute tablatures.

Frank LEGL

An old theorbo, a half cradle of wood and the winters of 1815/16 and 1816/17.
Wolfgang MEYER A Straube anecdote in a lute book.
Nr. 4 - 2000
DLG 1150
Frank LEGL Between Grottkau and Neuburg – the latest in the biography of Silvius Leopold Weiss.
Rüdiger THOMSEN-FÜRST … married to a priest in the Palatinate. On the biography of Juliana Margaretha and an unknown branch of the lutenist-family Weiss.
Eszter FONTANA Guesswork about a theorbo case in Leipzig
Matthias SCHNEIDER Who knows (Weiss)? Considerations of a striking record in a collective manuscript.
Nr. 5 - 2001
DLG 1160
Christian MEYER The distribution of lute music in the 17th century – some comments of the work of the lutenist Johann Gumprecht
Ingo NEGWER Pierre Trichet’s ‘Traité des instruments de musique‘ and Marin Mersenne’s ‚Harmonie universelle‘ – comparison of two French sources on the history of plucked instruments of the 17th century.
Joachim LÜDTKE The handwritten Mus.ant.pract. 2000 of the Lüneburg state library: the lute book of Wolff Christian von Harling
Kurt BIRSAK Salzburg sources for Mandora and Gallachon.
Nr. 6 - 2002
DLG 1170
Klaus MARTIUS - Ian WATCHORN Tielke reloaded – observations on a lute by the Hamburg master
Joachim LÜDTKE Between cabaret and walking trip – aspects of the history of the lute and its music in Germany from 1900 to 1926.
Achim O. ECKHARDT From Lachrimae to Dies Irae – selected melancholic relations in Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem
Christoph DALITZ - Thomas KARSTEN Automatic recognition of historic tablature prints
Endre DEÁK - István SZABÓ Bakfark’s “IX. Fantasie” – apparently a pastiche
Peter KIRÁLY Polish statements about the purchase of lute strings for court lutenists
Joachim DOMNING A cantata of homage by Johanna Emilia Falckenhagen.
Nr. 7 - 2003
DLG 1180
Barthold KUIJKEN Weiss - Quantz/Blockwitz/Braun ... and Bach?
Frank LEGL The entries concerning Silvius Leopold Weiss in the Catholic register of baptisms of the Dresden court.
Rüdiger THOMSEN-FÜRST Lutenists and lute music at the court of the Electoral Palatinate in Mannheim.
Peter KIRÁLY Information in sources about Paul Charl(es) Durant’s possible ancestry
Nr. 8
DLG 1190
Joachim DOMNING The art of the lute in Franconia in the 18th century.
Peter KIRALY Johann Kupezky and Johann Wilhelm Stör – Two portraitists of lute players in the 18th century and what can be learned based on their pictures
Frank LEGL Smaller new finds in the biography of Silvius Leopold Weiss
Ingo NEGWER Music manuscript and the intended musical form in Johann Sebastian Bach’s suite BWV 995 – From the critique of the sources to the facility of practical playing
Nr. 9 + 10
DLG 1240
Peter KIRÁLY Considerations about subcontracting work in lute making of the 16th and early 17th centuries.
Frank LEGL New sources for the lutenist families of Weiss, Paul Charles Durant and Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner:
Harlequinade - Silvius Leopold Weiss as Best Man.
Mentions of lutenists in the letters from Friedrich Melchior Grimm to the Gottsched couple
Michael TREDER 'Pièces de Lut' by Bittner (Büttner/Bittnero) - concordances in baroque lute manuscripts of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Klaus MARTIUS “A plethora of beautiful things has blessed the way” – The lutes in the collection of Fritz Wildhagen
Ralf JARCHOW We would have been able to know, if we had wanted to know. Wolfgang Boetticher’s dark shadows on the musicology of the guitar and lute.
      Short contributions - Documents
(Red.) Diomedes Cato died in Danzig in 1628
István SZABÓ Lute pieces in an organ tablature from Hungary / Transylvania.
Markus LUTZ Count von Questenberg – theorbo player in Caldara’s opera Euristeo.
Nr. 11
DLG 1260
Heinz Nickel On sources for medieval lutes
Endre Deák Bakfark miscellanies:
- Assignment of a further part in the IX Fantasie by Valentin Bakfark
- Comments on the afterlife of Bakfark’s VI Fantasie
François-Pierre Goy First thoughts about an important, yet unknown lute source.
Markus Lutz The famous relationships of Esaias Reusner
Bernhard Fischer The particularities of the ‘Neue Lauten-Früchte‘ and ‚Hundert Geistliche Melodien Evangelischer Lieder (Hundred sacred melodies of evangelical songs)‘ by Esaias Reusner in the Austrian National Library.
Markus Lutz Long live August the third – Silvius Leopold Weiss as a faithful subservient.
Frank Legl When and where did Paul Charl Durant die?
Nr. 12
DLG 1290
Sigrid Wirth - Gerhard Aumüller A handwritten lute source of the 16th century in the State Archive of Hesse, Marburg
Piotr Poźniak Kaspar Sielicki, a Polish lute player-composer and his works
Peter Király BWhat is known, little known and unknown about Giulio Cesare Barbetta and some comments about lute playing in Padua in his time.
Markus Lutz The London concerts of Johann Sigismund Weiss in the year 1718, and an appearance of his nephew Johann Adolf Faustinus Weiss in London 55 years later.
Ladislav Kačic New information on the years of Paul Karl Durand’s youth.
Frank Legl Grotkau or Breslau? The latest on the place and year of birth of Silvius Leopold Weiss.
Nr. 13
DLG 1330
Bernhard FISCHER The presentation of a lute-like instrument in Roman antiquity
Peter KIRÁLY Je prens en grey, la dura mourt - Bakfark‘s earliest known work.
István SZABÓ Passamezo of Hungary – a lute piece ascribed to Valentin Bakfark and its reconstruction
Grzegorz JOACHIMIAK Lutenists and scholars: the Reusner family of Silesia in the light of an old print from the files of the Breslau University library.
Christian AHRENS Lutes and bandoras as continuo instruments at the Weimar court in the 18th century
Markus LUTZ An excellent gamba player, violinist and composer - in the shadow of his elder brother: Johann Sigismund Weiss
Michael LOWE In Defence of Real Lutes and Theorbos - Why History Matters

Table of contents of the yearbooks for download as PDF here.