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Lute Festival

Since the foundation of the German Lute Society in 1996 the Lute Festival has taken place annually at various locations. To date these locations have been:

1996 Stuttgart 1997 Leipzig 1998 Nürnberg 1999 Basel
2000 Dresden 2001 Dresden 2002 Salzburg 2003 Köln
2004 Rostock 2005 Füssen 2006 Füssen 2007 Kassel
2008 Regensburg 2009 Burg Sternberg 2010 Füssen 2011 Bremen
2012 Burg Sternberg 2013 Bremen 2014 Augsburg 2015 Burg Sternberg
2016 Frankfurt am Main 2017 Füssen (Photos) 2018 Wolfenbüttel (Photos) 2019 Lübeck (Photos)
2020 Online 2021 Online 2022 Basel (Photos) 2023 Burg Sternberg

Festival of the Lute at Seligenstadt
31. Mai - 2. Juni 2024

This year's Festival of the Lute will take place in Seligenstadt from May 31 to June 2, 2024. The German Lute Society invites you to a weekend of concerts, a workshop and lectures as well as a sales exhibition.

A flyer with a detailed programme

Festival of the Lute at the Sternberg Castle
19. - 21. May 2023

Burg Sternberg, Sternberger Strasse 52, D-32699 Extertal

This year's Festival of the Lute will take place from 19 to 21 May 2023 at the Sternberg Castle near Lemgo. The German Lute Society invites you to a weekend of concerts, lectures and a workshop as well as a sales exhibition.

The programme includes concerts with Tobias Tietze (baroque lute), Axel Wolf (Renaissance lute) and Emma-Lisa Roux (voice & Renaissance lute).

Tobias Tietze will devote himself to Valentin Strobel, a still largely unknown lutenist of the 17th century. The castrati and their instrumental playing are the focus of Simona Pociecha's contribution. Peter Kiraly presents a lute cittern, which can be seen in a drawing by Prince Paul Esterházy (1635-1713). Michael Treder will present the Hamburg Cithrinchen and its repertoire in his musicological lecture. Dirk Hippen informs about the Archive of the Lute in Füssen - followed by discussion. Kristian Gerwig presents: Der ander theil des Lautenbuchs - a lute school based on old models with many facsimiles and illustrations of paintings. Walter Waidosch reports on the Sternberg Castle in the light of the youth music movement and the revival of old instruments by Peter Harlan.

On Saturday morning, the Board invites the members of the Lute Society to a "round table" discussion for an exchange of ideas. The topic will be the future of the German Lute Society. The society has grown continuously since its foundation in 1996 and now has more than 300 members. A central question will be how to cope with the increased demands associated with this expansion.

The renowned lutenist Axel Wolf will offer a workshop on "Sound, Breathing, Speech and Articulation" during the festival. The workshop is aimed at players of Renaissance lutes, Baroque lutes, Archlutes and Theorbos. Each active participant will have 45 minutes of individual tuition, and the repertoire can be freely chosen. The course fee is 50 euros (free for members of the DLG). The number of places is limited, and will be allocated in the order of registration. If you are interested, please register by 5 May 2023 at the latest with your first name/last name, details of the instrument and the selected repertoire at

Infosheet (as of 20.2.2023). A flyer with a detailed programme.

International festival of the lute as part of the BASEL LUTE DAYS
September 14th - 18th, 2022

on the Campus of the Basel Music Academy

Download flyer and schedule.
And here is the program booklet (as of 02.09.2022): Basel Lute Days program booklet.

The German Lute Society (DLG), in collaboration with the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis/FHNW, is pleased to announce the BASEL LUTE DAYS, which will take place from September 14th - 18th, 2022 on the Campus of the Basel Music Academy.

The Basel Lute Days, under the general direction of Peter Croton, will bring together performers, researchers, teachers and students, and will consist of the following:

Participating lutenists & guest speakers at the Basel Lute Days include: Anthony Bailes, Julian Behr, Paul Beier, Ziv Braha, Maria Christina Cleary, Casulana Lute Consort, Peter Croton, Andrea Damiani, David Dolata, Anne Marie Dragosits, Irina Döring, Ya'qub El-Khaled, Christopher Goodwin, John Griffiths, Jacob Heringman, Grzegorz Joachimiak, Elizabeth Kenny, Kelly Landerkin, Marc Lewon, Catherine Liddell, Nigel North, Paul O’Dette, Sigrun Richter, Sara Salloum, Lynda Sayce, Kateryna Schöning, Hector Sequera, Hopkinson Smith, Nico van der Waals and Sigrid Wirth.

-Registration to attend the Conference or Festival, deadline 1 September 2022: <>.

-Registration to play in a master class (Julian Behr, Paul Beier, Andrea Damiani, Jacob Heringman, Elizabeth Kenny,Marc Lewon, Catherine Liddell, Nigel North, Paul O’Dette and Lynda Sayce) deadline 15 August 2022:<>.

-Registration for a GROUP DINNER - these will take place on September 14th & 15th at the Markthalle Restaurant, deadline September 1st, 2022: <>.


Because of the current situation with the Corona Virus, the Lute Festival planned to begin on the 1st May will not take place.
Further details (in German) available in the pdf-dokument.

Festival of the Lute in Burg Sternberg
1st – 3rd May 2020

Burg Sternberg, Sternberger Strasse 52, D-32699 Extertal

Concerts; lectures; exhibition and sale by lutemakers, sheet music, books; courses on historical plucked instruments.

Festival of the Lute in Lübeck
14th – 18th June 2019

Our annual Lute Festival has taken place in collaboration with ‘Lübecker Lautenlust’. The particular location together with the very high-quality programme has made a visit particularly worthwhile! Concerts, lectures, the exhibition (this time only on the Saturday), the members’ general meeting and the sociable get-together have been on the programme as always. Unlike most of the previous DLG Festivals, that have been based purely on voluntary collaborations, the artists at Lübeck have been paid appropriate fees. These have been financed by cultural support and entrance payments. It was possible for members of the Lute Society to apply for a Festival pass at a reduced price.

Program    Flyer    Poster   Further Information (In English)

Internationales Festival der Laute
4.-6. Mai 2018 in Wolfenbüttel


Konzerte: Peter Croton/Nehad El-Sayed, Joachim Held, Marc Lewon/Paul Kieffer, John Martling, das Braunschweiger Ensemble Recercada, Ulrich Wedemeier & Magnus Andersson, Brian Wright/Jeni Melia

Vorträge: Christian Ahrens (Berlin), Nehad El-Sayed (Bern), Dieter Kirsch (Würzburg), Marc Lewon (Basel), Sven Limbeck (HAB Wolfenbüttel), Sigrid Wirth (Wolfenbüttel) und Brian Wright (London)

Familienprogramm: Jörg Hilbert/Fabian Strothmann/Dominik Schneider: Ritter Rost

Interpretationskurse: Gesang (Thema John Dowland): Yvonne & Frank Adelmann, Laute: Joachim Held (6-12 Teilnehmer). Voranmeldung für beide Kurse erforderlich unter bzw. Kosten: €50,- pro Teilnehmer

Verkaufsausstellung: Instrumente, Noten, Literatur im Wolfenbütteler Schlossfoyer (Kosten pro Aussteller €50,-, für Mitglieder der Deutschen Lautengesellschaft kostenfrei). Anmeldungen sind ab sofort erbeten! Für Anmeldung, Kontakt und Informationen:

Schlossführung: Tanzmeister Monsieur de la Marche (Schauspieler Andreas Jäger) führt in humoristischer Weise durch die Räume des barocken Wolfenbütteler Schlosses (5.5.18, 17:15-18:00 Uhr, kostenlos für DLG-Mitglieder, max. Teilnehmerzahl 25, Voranmeldung im Schloss Museum, Tel.: 05331/9246 -0 erforderlich)

Diskussionsrunde für Mitglieder der Dt. Lautengesellschaft, Thema „Wie können wir die Zukunft der Lautengesellschaft gestalten?“


Herzog August-Bibliothek: Lessingplatz 1, 38304 Wolfenbüttel; Kirche St. Johannis: Glockengasse 2, 38304 Wolfenbüttel; Prinzenpalais: Reichsstraße 1, 38300 Wolfenbüttel; Schloss Wolfenbüttel: Schlossplatz 13, 38304 Wolfenbüttel

Flyer zum Festival    Fotos vom Festival

Lautenfestival in Füssen
15. – 18. Juni 2017

Wie zuletzt 2010 war die Deutsche Lautengesellschaft von 15.-18.6.2017 wieder Gast in Füssen. Zentraler Festivalort war das Museum der Stadt Füssen, das wir an diesen Tagen zu großen Teilen mit Musik erfüllen durften.

Flyer zum Festival    Fotos vom Festival

Lautenfestival in Frankfurt am Main
10. – 12. Juni 2016

Unser Lautenfestival fand zum 20-jährigen Jubiläum (!) in der Stadt statt, in der unsere Gesellschaft offiziell ihren Sitz hat. Wir waren in der „Schirn“ am Römerberg, in der auch die Kunsthalle untergebracht ist, bei der Musikschule Frankfurt am Main zu Gast. Dort fanden die Vorträge und die Ausstellung statt, die Konzerte am Freitag, Samstag und Sonntag in der Nikolaikirche und der Deutschordenskirche. Alle Orte liegen ganz zentral bei der U-Bahnstation Dom/Römer. Zahlreiche Themen, die auf Frankfurt bezogen sind, prägten den Inhalt des Festivals.

Flyer zum Lautenfestival

Lautenfest auf Burg Sternberg
12. - 14. Juni 2015

Burg Sternberg, Sternberger Strasse 52, D-32699 Extertal

Konzerte, Vorträge, Raritätenausstellung & Verkaufsausstellung von Lautenherstellern
Kurse für historische Zupfinstrumente (Lauten, Gitarren) & Barockmandoline / moderne Mandoline

Flyer zum Lautenfest

Internationales Festival der Laute
9. - 11. Mai 2014

Deutsche Lautengesellschaft e.V.
in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Maximilianmuseum

Eingangsbereich des Museums (Lautenausstellung)
Schaetzlerpalais (Vorträge)
Jesuitenkolleg (Konzerte)

Flyer zum Festival

Internationales Festival der Laute,
31. Mai bis 2. Juni 2013

Deutsche Lautengesellschaft e.V.
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschule für Künste Bremen

Veranstaltungsort: Fachbereich Kunst & Design, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen
Straßenbahnlinie 3 bis Haltestelle Waller Ring oder
Buslinie 20 bis Haltestelle Hochschule für Künste

Flyer zum Festival